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Our partners

Thanks to a constant strive for technological improvement and structural simplicity for their chocolate machines, Selmi has been able to guarantee maintenance and excellent service.

As the largest full-range supplier of bakery and catering technology in Switzerland, Pitec offers everything you need for your daily work: machines, equipment maintenaceservice and everything for your special requets

LA IBENSE is a subsidiary of Marinello, an excellent greengrocer in Zurich, and supplies the whole of Switzerland with high-quality frozen products. LA IBENSE has been the general importer of "les Vergers Boiron", producer of frozen fruit purees without colourings and preservatives, for more than 20 years. The family business "les Vergers Boiron" guarantees excellent products of consistent quality that meet the highest standards of our trained confectioners.

Emmi is the largest Swiss milk producer and one of the most innovative dairies in Europe. In Switzerland, the company focuses on the development, production and marketing of a full range of dairy and fresh products.

Blasercafé is family owned Swiss company based in Bern. The core business is the production and sale of high-quality roasted coffee as well as the conceptual / educational support of their customers.

Silikomart is a 100% made in Italy company based near Venice and specializes in the production of silicone molds and a wide range of accessories for pastry, kitchen and ice cream production.

The Italian company Martellato supports professionals in the confectionery and the ice cream sector with their wide range of molds, equipment and accessories.

Lateltin has stood for spirits in all variations for over 100 years. Lateltin is a competent partner for gastronomy, wholesale and the processing industry.

Diamond Custom Machines Corporation (DCM) provides robust tabletop and commercial scale refiners for making chocolate and nut butters from scratch. They are committed to desig machines that are both simple to operate and easy to maintain but still efficient in the processing of your products.

Egro Suisse AG is a subsidiary of the Italian family company Rancilio Group, the world's second largest supplier of professional, traditional and fully automatic coffee machines.

Sosa Ingredients S.L. is one of the leading suppliers of ingredients for the catering and confectionery needs, especially for freeze-dried fruits, gelliefying agents and natural plant extracts.

Kolb Kälte is a company that has specialized in catering qualified refrigeration to many gastonomy businesses. Their extensive experience is  due to the fact that outfitters of bakeries and confectioneries belong to the group but also their strong collaborations with partners within the industry.