Discover the NEW Callebaut® Cremas

Discover the NEW Callebaut® Cremas

Callebaut Cremas
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Cremas are the world’s first bakery creams that bring the authentic pleasure of our iconic 811, W2, Ruby RB1, Gold chocolates, and high-quality hazelnuts. Ready for you to fill your viennoiserie and pastries after baking.


How cremas will make your life easier?

  • Superior taste - rich in chocolate
  • Creamy at room temperature
  • Ready-to-use. Ready for your magic!
  • From all-natural ingredients
  • In 6 exciting flavours
Callebaut Cremas

Cremas are on-trend with what your customers want:

  • 7 in 10 consumers think new textures make food a more interesting experience1

  • 45% of consumers like to experiment with new flavours2
  • 40% of millennials actively seek sustainably produced chocolate products3

1. Innova Consumer Survey 2019; Average of UK, US, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico, China & Indonesia.
2. Global Data; 2020, Top Trends in Foodservice.
3. BC Qualtrics Consumer Research; EU (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden) –Chocolate –n=1856.

Every pastry chef wants to up their game. They want to stand out. Cremas are perfect for that. You can add them in pure or use them to flavour your pastry cream, frangipane, and even your dough. It's truly amazing. The result is always super creamy and tasty.

Kent V. Madsen, Chocolate Academy™ Chef - Nordics
Gold Eclair

Eager to learn how you can create recipes that add value to your customers? 

Dive into the free inspiration guide and discover:

  • How cremas can bring your creations to the next level
  • Unique recipes for you to use created by our Chocolate Academy™ chefs
  • How cremas respond to the current consumer trends

Discover how our chefs are using Callebaut cremas in their creations!

Chocolate Academy™ chef Marta Giorgetti is using Callebaut Crema Gold on biscuits to create a crunchy and creamy dessert with a fine salty aftertaste. Truly indulgent! 

The Go Nuts created by Chocolate Academy™ chef Kent V. Madsen are ideal to enjoy when traveling. A Go Nut with dark, milk, white or ruby chocolate crema? You name it!

Chocolate Academy™ chef Christa Muyldermans likes the flavour of the crema gold in the Brioche Crema crumble in combination with the cinnamon. What will you prefer? 

Store the product in a clean, dry and odourless environment (15-20 °C). Always use a clean and dry spoon/spatula. We do not recommend reheating the product. Do not store it in a fridge or freezer. In case of partial separation of oils in storage, mix the product thoroughly to recover the original texture. Lower temperatures may cause fat crystallisation, resulting in potential product clogging. Apply slight heat and stir to return the product to perfect condition.