Kick Off 2024 with Plant-Based Chocolate Desserts and Confections

Kick Off 2024 with Plant-Based Chocolate Desserts and Confections

According to Confectionery News, the global market for vegan chocolate will be worth $2 billion by 2032. Not only is the plant-based trend not going anywhere, it continues to gain in popularity. Replacing conventional animal-based ingredients with those suitable for vegans and vegetarians is easier than ever, and the results are delicious.

Dairy-Free Kalamansi Cake by Chef Nicolas Dutetre

Dairy-Free Kalamansi Cake by Chef Nicolas Dutetre

Expanding Your Plant-Based Offer

In the early days of vegan pastry and chocolate, a chef who wished to offer a plant-based version of their best-selling chocolate chip cookie (for example) needed to offer both a conventional and a vegan version. Why? Because, frankly, the vegan version was likely to be sub-par, suitable only for those who had few options, who were delighted to be accommodated at all.

No longer! This is phenomenal news for chefs who would find it difficult to add an additional item to an already over-full production list, i.e., any chef, anywhere. Vegan pastries and chocolates can easily be identical to their conventional counterparts and, in many cases, can even be better-tasting and more nutritious. Healthy indulgences remain a consumer magnet; a chocolaty vegan treat can offer everything your customers want.

NXT M_lk Chocolate Muffin by UK Chef Mark Tilling

NXT M_lk Chocolate Muffin by Chef Mark Tilling

Vegan Ingredient Substitutions

In many cases, finding a vegan replacement for a conventional ingredient has become pretty easy. Plant-based dairy has become nearly stress-free, as vegan butter, cream, yoghurt, and more are easily accessible and high-quality. Cream cheese and other cheeses can present more difficulty, but options continue to improve.

Plant-based replacements for eggs can present more of a challenge since eggs perform so many different functions - they can lighten, emulsify, bind, and tenderize - they are one of the most challenging ingredients for a chef to replace. Chef Mark Tilling of Chocolate Academy™ UK uses water, potato protein, and xanthan gum instead of eggs in his M_lk Chocolate Muffins.

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