Fresh green colour and creamy taste with pronounced fruity lemon taste.
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  • 33.7%
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Here's a great confectionery product to sign off your creations with a surprising dash of colour and flavour. Lemon Callets™, made with Callebaut® Belgian white chocolate, combine a creamy and caramelly sweetness with the sour taste of lemon.
With their standard fluidity, you can use Lemon Callets™ to perfectly decorate your applications. Lemon Callets™ are great to add coloured details to hollow figures and pralines or create small coloured decorations for cakes and desserts. They're wonderful for flavoring crèmes, mousses and pastry interiors with a refreshing twist.
Melting, tempering and cooling work in exactly the same way as our classic white chocolates.

How to use
Use this amazing product for decorating your applications




  • 33.7%
    Fat %
    0% Cocoa Butter
    0% Milk fat


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