Seasonal Celebrations: Chocolate Desserts for Spring and Summer

Seasonal Celebrations: Chocolate Desserts for Spring and Summer

Brightly colored bonbons - very springy!

Fresh spring breezes have our thoughts turning to a fresh take for our menus as well. It’s time to start thinking about replacing warm spices and cosy sauces with bright colours and zingy flavours like berries and other fresh produce.  

What are customers looking for in 2024?

  • Bold Colors
  • Little Treats
  • Favourite Flavours in New Formats
  • Healthier Indulgences
A tart wth ruby whipped ganache and raspberries

Trend: Bold Colours

According to the Innova Database, three in five global consumers want to try new sensory experiences such as aromas, tastes, textures, and colours. Intense berry hues combined with Ruby Chocolate’s natural pink colour create desserts that look as bright and fresh as they taste!

You can’t go wrong with smooth, sweet, white chocolate paired with intensely hued tart berries for a gorgeous contrast that appeals to both the eyes and the palate.

A chocolate cocktail with a Callebaut Gold chocolate umbrella garnish

Spiced Gold Chocolate Cocktail by Chef Clare England (recipe below)

Trend: Little Treats - Dessert Cocktails!

Thanks primarily to social media, “Little Treat Culture” has become a prominent part of the food landscape. Consumers who find themselves worn out by day-to-day obligations or stressed by the crisis du jour seek refuge in small indulgences. Whole Foods Top 2024 Trends states, “Little treats may be daily rituals, like commuting with bubble tea, or spontaneous rewards, like tossing a cookie or a bath bomb into the cart.” An after-work cocktail or a drink to share at a book club meeting or party is just what customers are looking for!

Caramel Overload Cookies

Caramel Overload Cookies by Chef Mark Tilling (Recipe below)

Trend: Favorite Flavors, New Formats

Nostalgia continues to draw many consumers, yet most also want to try new flavours. How do you give them both? This conundrum has resulted in translating favourite childhood flavours into fun new formats - think birthday cake bonbons or red velvet hot chocolate. It’s also a low-risk way for chefs and business owners to push their creativity while not alienating regular customers. For example, if your Caramel-Pecan Brownies are a consistent bestseller, try them as a cheesecake, coffee drink, or even an entremet. Or get started with these recipes from our chefs:

date and pecan tiffin

Date and Pecan Vegan Tiffin (recipe below)

Trend: Healthier Indulgences

Research from Innova suggests that 66% of consumers globally are looking for food and beverages that offer healthy indulgent options, and consumers across all categories want options that are not only good for them but for the planet as well. 

Vegan dessert options offer your customers the best of both worlds. Using NXT Dairy-Free Dark and M_lk chocolate means your plant-based menu options are just as delicious and indulgent as those using conventional ingredients.