Chef Naomi Wahl Named Head of Chocolate Academy™ Zurich

Chef Naomi Wahl Named Head of Chocolate Academy™ Zurich


After the departure of Chef Juan Pablo Colubri in July 2023, Chef Naomi was named interim Head Chef. Chocolate Academy™ Zurich announced at the end of November that Chef Naomi had accepted the role as a permanent position.  

Chef Naomi puts the finishing touches on a tart

Meet Chef Naomi

Chef Naomi's journey began at the Le Notre school in Paris and has led her all over the world. After graduating from Le Notre, she moved to Montreal, where she worked at the Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile Hotel for almost five years. During this time, she advanced from pastry chef to head pâtissière and led a team of three employees.

She returned to Europe in 2014 and joined Chocolate Academy™ Zürich as a Technical Adviser in 2015. Since then, she has worked with the chef team there to establish the Center as a hub of creativity and expertise for chocolatiers, pastry chefs and bakers.

She brings enthusiasm, passion, and innovative ideas to her new role as she and the Zurich chefs continue to guide and inspire chefs and artisans as they seek to improve their skills, connect with their community, and run successful businesses.

We wish Chef Naomi's predecessor, Chef Juan Paul Colubri, the best of luck and thank him for his professionalism, creativity and immense commitment while at Barry Callebaut.

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