Milk Chocolate Lollies
Makes: 10 yield
Shelf life:
6 months
Containing: 1 Component
Demonstration video<span>Milk Chocolate Lollies</span>


Preparation: Lollie

Temper the milk chocolate.

Ingredients: Lollie

  • 2 piece(s)
    Transfer sheet squares

Preparation: Lollie

Lay out two strips of transfer sheets onto a tray.

Place the chocolate into a piping bag.

Pipe five round discs on to each sheet leaving 2cm in between each one.

Tap to flatten the discs then place in a lollie stick.

Preparation: Lollie

Before it dries, sprinkle on the white crispearls and milk chocolate flakes.

Allow to set then place in fridge to full set.


  • Piping Bag

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