Thanks to a constant strive for technological improvement and structural simplicity for their chocolate machines, Selmi has been able to guarantee maintenance and excellent service.

Novasina develops high quality and pin-point accurate measuring instruments. Their expertise allows them to always fulfil the high demands of their customers.  

Fiers nv/sa is an important distributer laboratory equipment and the official Novasina distributer.

Du Caju Printing is er op gericht om voedselveilige verpakkingen te produceren. Om dit beleid dan ook gestalte te geven, hebben continue verbetering, innovatie en kwaliteit een hoge prioriteit. Du Caju wenst steeds te voldoen aan de verwachtingen van al zijn klanten.

Prefamac develops machines, which produce pralines, bars, waffles and cookies. Among their machines are machines for artisanal, industrial and semi-industrial use.

Perfect Moose is the first producer of a machine which allows you to turn any drink of your choosing into a micro foam, completely hands free.

Chocolate World is specialised in producing polycarbonate moulds for chocolate. On the side they also sell materials and machines for the chocolate industry.

As undisputed market leader Robot-Coupe offers a wide range of applications perfectly fit for the needs of our professionals.

Since their founding in 1967, Bravo has specialised itself in innovative products and creative ideas. Over the course of time the company has grown and expanded from Italy to all over the world.

Inventor of the SIPLAT silicone mat, flexible trays and moulds in both silicone and carbonfiber. Demarle is known by almost everyone in the gastronomic sector.

CAPFRUIT is a company specialised in fruit processing. They offer refined products aimed at professionals.

Mol D’Art is a specialised Belgian producer of machines, packaging and moulds for chocolate. Mol D’Art also produces everything else a professional chocolatier could ever need.

Verstegen Spices & Sauces has been an active player in the world of spices for over a 100 years and loves to share their love and passion for food. Their spices are of exceptionally high quality and are perfectly balanced resulting in a rare harmony.

Silikomart is narrowly connected to every professional looking for high quality silicone trays.

Bodart is the distributer of high quality kitchen and coffee appliances. They distribute to electro, specialty, design stores and many more.

Bossuyt Grootkeukens has grown to become the kitchen specialist for restaurants, hotels and catering. They also produce their own induction stoves, which are used by chefs such as Roger van Damme, Thomas Locus and Filip Claeys.

Broeders Bakkerijmachines produdes machines and appliances for bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

KitchenAid has been the standard for almost a century and their products have helped create some magnificent pieces.

Roboqbo s.r.l. has been on the market for over 30 years and is one of the leading producers for industrial cutter and food processing systems.

STATICE proposes its machines to the chocolate industry. Your final product will be even more beautiful, brilliant and crunchy.

Rational offers the maximum possible benefits to people who prepare food on a large scale.