Course levels

Course levels


Level 1 - Beginner

You have no experience in the art of chocolate but are motivated to be immersed in this wonderful world.

Pastry & Bakery

Level 2 - Intermediate

You are a professional with good knowledge of chocolate. You are familiar with the tempering of chocolate and the basic techniques. This course does not discuss tempering or cooling chocolates.

Designed for participants who have confidence in their skills of working with chocolate, have worked as a craftsperson or completed the Chocolate Academy Beginners course.


Level 3 - Advanced

You are working as a professional with a thorough knowledge about the process and want to improve in the field of chocolate. Since some time you work on a professional basis with chocolate and have knowledge about most of the techniques.

A highly specialised course designed for participants with a high level of chocolate skills.


All Levels

General Interest courses relevant to all chocolate professionals of varying skill levels and dealing with items such as Marketing, Packaging, Labelling and Merchandising.