Our Partners

We are very fortunate to be supported by and work with partners offering the best chocolate equipment and machinery in the UK and Globally.

Thanks to a constant strive for technological improvement and structural simplicity for their chocolate machines, Selmi has been able to guarantee maintenance and excellent service.

Polaris cold technology: behind the freshness of your products, for more than 30 years. A company that can interpret how needs have evolved in the refrigeration world and is right by professionals’ side in their daily challenges in the kitchen. www.polarisprofessional.com/en/

Keylink  are your one stop shop for all things chocolate include chocolate, decoration, transfer sheets, moulds etc www.keylink.org

The Keychoc range includes moulding machines, melting/holding tanks, refrigerated display cabinets, chocolate shaving machines, praline cutters and automatic batch temperers. www.keychoc.com

MONO Equipment is a leading designer and manufacturer of bakery equipment in the UK. www.monoequip.com

Angel Refrigeration - Supplier of commercial refrigeration www.angelrefrigeration.co.uk 

DEMARLE, group SASA Industrie, creator of the pastry sheet SILPAT® and the flexible mould FLEXIPAN® is the world leader in baking and cooking tools for more than 40 years.

Carpigiani are the world leader in the manufacture of gelato, ice cream and pastry equipment for over 60 years. www.carpigiani.co.uk 

Vantage House are a supplier of general chocolate equipment and moulds. www.vantagehouse.com

Panasonic are world renowned for their professional cooking equipment. www.panasonic.com

You can contact our UK Supplier www.regale.co.uk Contact: Chris Matkin at Regale - chris@regale.co.uk

Stephan stands for the design and manufacture of machines and plants for the food processing industry. With more than 60 years of experience in the food industry, especially in the field of convenience products, dairy and confectionery, Stephan supplies the leading food brands with customer-optimised machines and systems to support production processes and increase efficiency. www.proxes.com/en/products/product-brands/stephan TEL: +44 (0)1480 400684 sales@stephan-uk.co.uk

Russums offer high quality catering clothing and equipment

Churchill are the leading supplier of china wear www.churchill1795.com


For more than 70 years, PROVA Gourmet has been seeking out and selecting the most precious vanillas, sourced worldwide, and transforming them for use in products with incomparable flavours.

Established in 1929 Ritter Courivaud are suppliers of the finest quality speciality food ingredients to the top end of the U'K's foodservice market

The Thermomix is a revolutionary power blender that can cook and stir simultaneously.

Nisbets are a supplier of quality catering equipment

For more than 40 years, Les Vergers Boirons have selected, transformed and sold the best fruits in order to offer the professionals fruits, purees, concentrated preparations and frozen fruit coulis.

Hobart supply high quality commercial warewashing technology.
For customers such as hotels, restaurants and caterers, large-scale catering establishments, bakers and butchers, supermarkets, industrial companies, airlines and cruise ships all over the world.

Home Chocolate Factory are a specialist supplier of equipment and ingredients for chocolate makers, pastry chefs and bakers.

So Good Magazine are a professional magazine focused on patisserie, bakery, ice cream and cooking www.sogoodmagazine.com