Or Noir

Create and sign your own chocolate in a Unique experience in the world.

Welcome to the universe of taste creation. In the Or Noir™ laboratory, artist pastry chefs and the most talented chocolatiers are supported as they prepare their own custom chocolate recipes.

Uniqueness Your vision
We want to help you differentiate your business by helping you create unique chocolate in your own style. At Cacao Barry®, we understand that your company and your creations are unique, and we really want to support you. This is the reason we created the Or Noir™ concept.
Flavour Image
Our research and development team has analysed many different cocoa masses and chocolates to find out their properties and understand their aromatic profiles. With Or Noir™'s patented method of analysis, you will be the architect of your chocolate recipe. In addition to the creation of your own chocolate, the Or Noir™ concept also provides you with the communication tools to strengthen your brand image and explain your strategy to your customers.
Or Noir Packaging

A premium service

Tools for your shop

Introduce communication media to reinforce your brand image. Cacao Barry® has developed a wide range of promotional tools you can personalise and distribute to your customers like posters, customer invitations, flyers, etc.

Techicals privileges

As an OR NOIR™ customer, you benefit from personalised technical support to help you introduce your project, and privileged access to Cacao Barry®'s teams:

  • The Chocolate Academy and its chefs.
  • Member of the Or Noir™ team, who answer your questions and, if required, can forward them to a technical advisor.
  • E-mail: ornoir@barry-callebaut.com


You have access to exclusive training sessions:

  • Technical training for production
  • Training in tasting

These courses can be set up at Cacao Barry®'s Chocolate Academy™ centre, but also in your own premises, depending on your preferences and the size of your contract.

Or Noir Connect

An international brand: Or Noir Connect

Or Noir ™ travels the world and comes to you! Thanks to our unique Creation Box, we can organize a remote session and connect with an Or Noir ™ expert. Let’s start this new Or Noir ™ journey together. 

  1. Save the Date,
  2. Receive your unique Creation Box, 
  3. Explore the limitless possibilities by discussing remotely with an Or Noir™ expert,
  4. Receive & taste your first batch at home,
  5. Refine your recipe with an Or Noir™ expert,
  6. Name your Or Noir™.