Extra-big chocolate chips for baking with a delightful snap and solid chocolate taste.
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  • 48%
    Min. % Dry cocoa solids
  • 27.8%
    Fat %
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100% dark chocolate drops for baking.
Let your customers indulge in freshly baked cakes, chocolate chip cookies and viennoiserie with extra-big chocolate chips. Baking Drops L have the comforting taste of intense Belgian dark chocolate, and have less cocoa butter in their recipe to make them resist oven temperatures up to 200°C.
With their royal size, Baking Drops L will become your preferred baking chocolate if you're looking into adding more chocolate intensity to your chocolate chip cookies, brownies, muffins, rolls and cakes. They are also great for bakery items that require longer baking times. With their generous size, they don't melt away completely during baking.
Good to know: mix the chocolate drops into the dough at the very end of the kneading process. It will prevent colouring of the dough or melting of the drops during kneading.



  • 48%
    Min. % Dry cocoa solids
    27.8% Cocoa Butter
    21.7% Fat-free cocoa
  • 27.8%
    Fat %
    27.8% Cocoa Butter
    0% Milk fat


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  • Sustainable cocoa


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    VH-9401-E4-U70 (This code may not be valid in your country. Please get in touch with your commercial contact.')
    Shelf life:
    24 months
    2.5kg bag | 4 bags/box | euro pallet
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    10kg bag, 2.5kg bag, 10kg bag,