Thanks to Our World Chocolate Masters Sponsors!

Thanks to Our World Chocolate Masters Sponsors!

a view of the crowd at the WCM finals

Sponsorship and partnerships play a vital role in achieving success in the national selections of the World Chocolate Masters. Four global sponsors—Irinox, Prefamac, Selmi, and KitchenAid—offer crucial support, while local sponsors like Abc Emballuxe, Design & Realisation, Roxy and Rich, and Silikomart provide attractive prizes to the candidates. Together, they enhance the competition, furnish top-tier resources, and nurture innovation within the chocolate industry.

Two Chocolate Academy™ chefs adjust a Selmi tempering machine at the WCM finals


The best chocolate chefs in the world need the best tools. Selmi is one of those tools no chocolate master can do without. The chocolate tempering machines are used for everything. 

Selmi offers all National Selection Winners training at their office, including hotel, lunch, and breakfast.

A chef-finalist works on his entry using a KitchenAid mixer


KitchenAid has been revolutionizing the cooking industry since 1886.

Their innovations assisted chocolate chefs in the 19th century. And our finalists during World Chocolate Masters 2022

KitchenAid offers all National Selection Winners a mixer to train with for the Final.

A chef reaches into the Irinox blast freezer


Thanks to Irinox's sponsorship during the World Chocolate Masters, our finalists can get their creations at the right temperature at the right time. This was crucial to make their astonishing creations.

A WCM finalist prepares his entry in the background with a Prefamac machine in the foreground


Unique chocolate creations call for tailor-made machines. Prefamac Machines is one of the proud sponsors of this edition of World Chocolate Masters; they are taking chocolate design to new heights.

Lluc Crusellas is your 2023 World Chocolate Master

Local Sponsors

While the global sponsors offer crucial support to the competition, our local sponsors , like ABC Emballuxe®, Design & RealisationRoxy and Rich, and Silikomart®, provide attractive prizes to the candidates.