Callebaut launches Born Original

Callebaut launches Born Original


Three very different Chefs, all Born Original

Since 1911, Callebaut has offered proven ingredients to help further chefs’ success. In their latest offer, they follow three unique chefs, exploring their stories and what makes them true originals.

From Australia to Belgium, some of the most innovative chefs in the world are revealing how they work, what inspires them, and sharing their stories and recipes with you. It's no surprise that chocolate plays a starring role in their creations, but how do they use it, and where does it lead them? You'll have to follow along to find out! In this case, the journey is sure to prove just as rewarding and fascinating as the destination. 

Chef Sebastian Pettersson in front of a bright, graffitied wall

Chef Sebastian Pettersson (Sweden)

Chef Seb’s tattooed exterior belies his passionate, sensitive demeanour. Learn more about how this one-of-a-kind chef approaches creativity both in and out of the kitchen.

Chef Anais Gaudemer finds joy in the kitchen

Chef Anais Gaudemer (Belgium)

Her stunning floral style is the result of a perfect harmony between what seems like two disparate passions: landscape architecture and baking. For Chef Anais, it’s all about balance.

Chef Nicolas Nikolakopoulos immerses himself in sensory experiences

Chef Nicolas Nikolakopoulos

Many refer to pastry and chocolate work as “alchemy.” No chef embodies that more thoroughly than this former chemist. Combining technical skills with a passion for new flavour experiences, Chef Nicolas has brought chocolate craft to new heights.

Chef Kirsten Tibballs explores cocoa bean quality

Chef Kirsten Tibballs (Australia)

Chef Kirsten Tibballs lends her knowledge to the campaign, offering a closer look at sourcing cacao beans, the bean-to-bar process, and more.

Chef Nicolas Nikolakopoulos explores nature for inspiration

Learn more about the Chefs and explore their recipes

Each Born Original chef has a story to tell; see what inspires them and let them inspire you. Learn more: Born Original

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