Vegan chocolate
Belgium, Wieze
06 Mar 2023 - 07 Mar 2023
2 days
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750.00 EUR
Chocolate shop
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Les tendances actuelles ainsi que nos modes de vies nous incitent à changer ou adapter nos habitudes alimentaires.
Ceci est aussi une réalité dans le monde de la chocolaterie et nous devons être capable d'offrir à nos clients de nouvelles alternatives.

Durant cette formation de 2 jours, nous réaliserons des bonbons chocolats ainsi que des snackings.
Nous vous expliquerons les alternatives aux produits laitiers ainsi que les ingrédients de sources animales.

Parmi la sélection de chocolat, nous réaliserons des ganaches, pralinés et caramels avec des saveurs tels que praliné au sarasin, ganache café noisette ou encore un Pisco Sour.
Nous réaliserons des snackings tels que un brownie double chocolat, une barre chocolaté coco ou encore un Granola Matcha.

Un cours tendance avec notre enthousiaste ambassadeur du chocolat Alexandre Bourdeaux. 
Vous serez surpris de constater que ces friandises végétaliennes ont un goût encore meilleur que les friandises traditionnelles !

* * * * *

De huidige trends en levensstijlen zetten ons ertoe aan onze eetgewoonten te veranderen of aan te passen.
Dit is ook een realiteit in de chocolade-industrie en wij moeten onze klanten nieuwe alternatieven kunnen bieden.

Tijdens deze 2-daagse opleiding maken we zowel chocolade bonbons als snacks.
We zullen de alternatieven voor zuivelproducten en de ingrediënten van dierlijke oorsprong toelichten.
Onder de selectie bonbons maken we ganaches, pralines en karamels met smaken als saffraanpraliné, koffie-hazelnootganache of een Pisco Sour.
We maken snacks zoals een dubbele chocoladebrownie, een kokos chocoladereep of een Matcha Granola.

Een trendy cursus met onze enthousiaste Chocolate Ambassador Alexandre Bourdeaux.
Je zal er versteld van staan dat deze vegan lekkernijen zelfs beter kunnen smaken dan de traditionele!

Practical information


Indicative programme of a course

08:30h - Welcome at Chocolate Academy™ bar
09:00 - Start of course
12:00h - Lunch
13:00h - Continuation of the course
17:00h - End of course
Deviations from this daily schedule are possible depending on the course and teachers.


Lunch and all hot and cold drinks consumed during the course are included in the price.
If you have any food intolerances or restrictions, please let us know by e-mail:


Only transport is provided to Chocolate Academy™ in Wieze from the following hotels in Aalst and vice versa.
No pickup is provided at the airport or train stations (including Aalst station). No other transfer is provided.
However, you can take advantage of this shuttle service offered without hotel reservation .

The hotels are located at the following distance from the railway station of Aalst :
Station hotel : 150 metres
Keizershof hotel : 850 metres
Ibis hotel : 2.7 km
Arrangements for the shuttle service will be made 2 weeks
before the start of the course when you receive the
final invitation.


Keizershof Hotel (centre of Aalst)
Korte Nieuwstraat 15, 9300 Aalst
contact@keizershof-hotel .com

Station Hotel (opposite Aalst railway station)
Albert Liénartstraat 14, 9300 Aalst
info@stationhotel-aalst .com

Ibis Hotel (near motorway exit, 20 min walking distance from centre of Aalst)
Villalaan 20, 9300 Aalst
h3155@accor .com



Behind the Library are the lockers for storing your personal belongings; left for men, right for women .
Don't forget to put the key back on the locker after the course for the next visitor .


Lunch is taken in the bar or at the Greenhouse .

Washing up

Students are asked to help with the dishes from time to time during the course.

Chef's robe

A chef's jacket can be used for the duration of the course. These are fitted at the start and used for the duration of the course.
After the course, you can leave your chef's jacket on the floor in the locker room.

Mobile shop

During the course we offer our students the opportunity to buy a chef's jacket or limited professional literature .
Payment can be made by bank card, credit card or cash

Social Network

WIFI login
You can use on the local WIFI network . Ask for a login at the start of the

Welcome screens
You can publish your taken photo - related to our Chocolate Academy™ or our chocolate products on the screens at reception .
To post your photo on them, use 



Safety and hygiene rules

  • Please notify us in case of illness or symptoms of COVID-19 .
  • No glass will be taken into the course room . However, drinks can be brought in cardboard cups from the bar .
  • Peanuts are prohibited everywhere in the premises (i.e. no Snickers or peanut butter) .
  • Smoking is prohibited in the buildings and areas around the factory . Outside the Chocolate Academy™ there is a smoking shelter provided on the left when you go outside .
  • It is necessary to wear closed footwear (without heels) and long trousers . You may not enter the course room without a chef's coat or disposable jacket .
  • There are toilets on the ground floor (corridor next to the Pastry Lab) and on the first floor (past the bar and lift) - see floor plan in attached document

Photos during the course

Photos will be taken during the course and published later on our Facebook page and Instagram .
If you do not agree to this, please let us know in good time! All understanding for that .

Discount for Belgian companies

Are you taking a course at the Chocolate Academy™? Whether you opt for a chocolate, bakery, patisserie or ice cream course, Alimento offers a discount on your registration:
From €65 for a half-day to €130 for a full day .

For whom?
All Belgian bakers, pastry chefs or chocolatiers who fall under Joint Committee 118 or 220 and have fewer than 100 employees . This discount also applies to the business manager if he/she participates together with the employee(s) . The same applies to technical education teachers teaching bakery, pastry or chocolate courses .

When do you receive this discount?
You first pay the full amount to Chocolate Academy™ . When the course is over, we will notify Alimento of your attendance . They will refund part of the total price.

What steps do I need to take?
Simply enter your national registration number, joint committee and NSSO number on the registration page and notify via:

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