Keep Things Cool with “Green” Flavors

Keep Things Cool with “Green” Flavors

pieces of white chocolate tablet lightly dusted with green powder small mint leaves in lower right corner

Mint, matcha, lime… these green flavors can add freshness and a subtle, vegetal earthiness to your creations. Explore these popular flavors and how you can incorporate them into your line-up.

When it comes to pleasing your customers, think green. Not just in terms of ingredients or flavors, but also when it comes to sustainability, the environment, and good-for-you indulgences. So the greener your greens, the better! Consider organic ingredients, plant-based proteins, and products that support sustainability.

Horizontal image of lime slice on left, blurred reddish-brown background on right


Citrus is making a splash lately with its refreshing, mood-lifting flavor and many nutritional benefits. Lovely lime, with its notes of rose and lavender pairs well with white, milk, and Ruby chocolates. It can harmonize with floral flavors and give a lift to berries and tropical fruit.

matcha container, whisk on wood background with teaspoon of matcha powder in a small pile of matcha powder


Customers looking for new flavor experiences will enjoy the earthy, grassy notes of this tea from Japan. Pair it with yuzu or sesame for a delicious and intriguing combination, or try it with strawberry or raspberry to incorporate familiar flavors.

mint leaves on a piece of crinkled brown paper, on a grey countertop


Spearmint, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Pineapple Mint… what’s your local farmer growing? There is an astounding number of mint varieties ranging from familiar to exotic. All offer a “tingling” sensation that’s trending right now. (Nutritional Outlook, 2021 Flavor Trends for Food and Beverage).

small wooden container with rosemary and basil on wooden tabletop

Other herbs: basil, rosemary, thyme, shiso

Herbs are a great opportunity to source locally, and they give you the opportunity to be as creative or conservative as you like. Pairing basil with lemon or strawberry can give favorite flavors a makeover while adding thyme or shiso to a ganache or pate de fruit could be just what you need to lure new customers looking for the next flavor sensation.

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