What is up for Easter 2024?

What is up for Easter 2024?

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Before stepping into the Easter Celebration preparations it’s important to be updated in terms of what is UP or DOWN around consumer trends.

What is up for Easter 2024?

One of the key trends for Easter 2024 is the “Perfect Fit”

Consumers look for products that make them feel unique, like that the product has been specifically designed for them. They want to celebrate their unique identity and style. Offering options in terms of colour, decoration and flavours can ensure your customers find the ‘perfect fit’ for them.

People are willing to pay about 20% more for a personalized product1.​​​​​​



What is up for Easter 2024?

Knitting is a great way to explore unique design and celebrate craftsmanship

Knitting or crocheting is definitely UP between teenagers and young adults . Especially after the pandemic consumers started to reconnect to arts, sports, self-reflection and hobbies - trying to find ways to reduce stress and inner peace.  Connecting the consumer needs around unique design and premiumness we have extended our Cacao Barry and Carma Swiss Chocolate molds into the knitting trend.  

Our chef Julie Sharp, from the Chocolate Academy in Banbury - UK,  developed with our chefs (from up in Nordics down to Iberia region) an amazing collection of recipes to make your Easter even more colourful and definitive unique! 

Creativity is about taking what’s in front of you and everybody else - old or new - and making something even better out of it.

Julie Sharp, Chef Chocolate Academy UK
What is up for Easter 2024

What chocolates do we recommend you using? The 5 colours of chocolate: Ruby, White, Milk, Dark and Gold are a wonderful rainbow in the portfolio of ideas and you can explore them under the Callebaut - Finest Belgian Chocolate - or under Carma - Swiss chocolate made from 100% Sustainable ingredients.  

Another way to bring your traditional hollow figure or chocolate bar up to the latest consumer trends is using Callebaut’s new NXT Dairy-free Chocolate range, in M_lK and Dark versions. Answering to the need of vegan options. 

What is up for Easter 2024?

In the search for uniqueness we also “upscaled” donuts by using Mona Lisa seasonal decorations. According the recent research you can charge more and have DOUBLE the sales (4 donuts instead of average 2) by adding decorations made out of delicious sustainable chocolate. 

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