Easter Chocolate Spread
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Easter Chocolate Spread

Place a layer of Mona Lisa® Crispearls of choice into the base of a pot.

Preparation: Easter Chocolate Spread

Warm the Callebaut® Crema of choice to 50 ̊C then cool to 38 ̊C whilst stirring. Pipe a layer of Crema on top of the Crispearls.

Place another layer of Mona Lisa® Crispearls on top of the Crema.

Ingredients: Easter Chocolate Spread

  • 20 - 30 piece(s)

Preparation: Easter Chocolate Spread

Place Mona Lisa Studio Fluffy Bunny Feet around the edge of the pot.

Pipe another layer of Callebaut® Crema, securing the decoration in place.

Preparation: Easter Chocolate Spread

Finish with a final layer of Mona Lisa® Crispearls™.

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