Creative Egg Lollipops
Makes: 25 yield
Containing: 1 Component
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Creative egg lollipops

Ingredients: Creative egg lollipops

Preparation: Creative egg lollipops

Pour tempered Carma chocolate onto two IBC textured sheets and spread it evenly with a step palette knife.

Sprinkle one sheet with assorted Mona Lisa® Crispearls™ keeping the other clear in order to be able to unite them later on.

Allow the chocolate to set until touch dry (2-3 minutes).

Use an egg shaped cookie cutter to cut shapes into the chocolate.

Place into a 12 ̊C fridge for 30 minutes.

Release the egg shapes from the textured sheet.

Ingredients: Creative egg lollipops

  • 7.1 oz

Preparation: Creative egg lollipops

Stir the tempered chocolate through the Carma praline light and stir until the mix reaches 26 ̊C.

Preparation: Creative egg lollipops

Pipe a bulb of praline filling into the middle of the egg disc covered with Crispearls™ and place a lollipop stick into the praline.

Cover with a second, clear chocolate egg shape. 

Place the lollipops into a 12 ̊C fridge for 30 minutes to set the praline before packaging.


  • Piping Bag

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