North American Ambassadors Convene in NYC

Group photo of the NA Ambassadors and Chefs on the roof of Chocolate Academy, New York

North American Ambassadors Convene in NYC


For the first time since 2019, Chocolate Ambassadors from the US and Canada convened to share, learn, and collaborate. The newest Chocolate Academy™ Center in New York City was the epicenter of the Ambassadors Camp, with events occurring at and around the Academy.

Group shot of the chefs while on a pastry tour

The three-day event included several training sessions, workshops, and presentations, but the week’s organizers planned some professional fun for the chefs as well. Tastings, a pastry tour, and group dinners gave chefs time to network, plan future collaborations and get inspired by the work of their New York peers. In total, 14 Ambassadors and 7 Chocolate Academy™ Chefs were present for the event, with a keynote presentation from Chef Ramon Morato on the last day. 

Chocolate Academy™ Chefs in Attendance

Ramon Moratò - Creative Innovations Leader, Cacao Barry

Dimitri Fayard - Chocolate Academy™ Lead Chef,  North America

Romain Dufour - Head Chef, Chocolate Academy™, Chicago

Nicolas Dutertre - Head Chef, Chocolate Academy™, Montreal

Nicoll Notter -Head Chef, Chocolate Academy™, New York

Frank Carrieri - Chocolate Academy™ Chef, West Coast

Cate Liu - Assistant Chef, Chocolate Academy™, New York

the chocolate ambassadors club logo

The Chocolate Ambassador’s Club

The Chocolate Ambassadors Club is made up of 200 members representing over 30 countries, and it continues to grow. 

Ambassadors are world-renowned chefs selected for their expertise, passion, and commitment to their craft. Chefs like Melissa Coppel and Kirsten Tibballs, to name just two, are not only well-known, high-profile chefs; their commitment to helping their peers and educating future chefs sets the tone for all Ambassadors. A Chocolate Ambassador's mission is to inspire chefs through creativity, technical prowess, and commitment to sustainable craftsmanship. They join Chocolate Academy™ Chefs in guiding others via workshops, classes, videos, and recipes. 

The members of the Chocolate Ambassadors Club thrive to bring joy through artisanal chocolate delights all over the world, today and tomorrow.


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