General Information

Location: The Chicago Chocolate AcademyTM  Center is located at 600 W Chicago Ave, Suite 860 Chicago, IL 60654

Class Size:

Class sizes vary depending on the level of the course. Beginner level courses are 8 students maximum to ensure hands-on time. Professional courses range from 10-14 students. All classes are for adults 18+ only.

Course Changes:

Please be aware that courses are subject to change (conflicts, Instructor illness, travel bands, death etc.) You will be informed immediately of any course date changes or cancellations. We recommend that you book refundable forms of transportation and accomodations should an unforeseen change occur. 

Class Time:

Doors open to students at 8AM. This allows time for students to arrive, change into uniform and have a light breakfast, before begining class at 8:30AM. Classes are held from 8:30AM to 5:00 pm Central Time. All classes include a light breakfast and full lunch provided by the Academy.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel before 45+ days of the scheduled class, you will receive a credit to reschedule to a future class with the same value (within one year of scheduled class.)

If you cancel 45-20 days of the start of your class, you will receive half of the amount as a credit value to be used for a future class.  

If you cancel less than 20 days before the class, you will not receive a credit or any form of refund.

Photography and Video:

Cameras are promitted in the Academy. Capturing Video is prohibited. The Barry Callebaut Chicago CHOCOLATE ACADEMYTM center reserves the right to photograph anyone attending courses at the Chocolate Academy. The photographs may be used for marketing purposes.


The Academy uses many different ingredients during classes. Please let us know if you have a severe allergy in case of emergency. A light breakfast and full lunch will be served on site. Should you have any allergies or food restrictions, please feel free to bring something that meets your requirements. If you have any questions please contact Alexandra Foster ( prior to class.


The Academy is a functioning kitchen that meets all health codes. You must wash your hands frequently before and while working in the kitchen. Labcoats/Chef jackets as well as Hats/Hairnets must be worn at all times within the Academy. Hair must be clean, pulled back and restrained from face and shoulders.  Minimum jewelry is also requested. 

Chef Coats & Attire:

Labcoats or Chef jackets must be worn at all times within the Academy. If you do not have a Chef jacket the Academy will provide you a disposable labcoat to wear. Please do not wear your chef jacket to the Academy. We have locker rooms for you to change into your jacket and uniform.  Closed toe, non-slip shoes are required. Please do not wear jeans.


Students are provided with lockers in our locker rooms. Students can use this room to change into uniform and also to store personal belongings during class. 

Cellular Phones:

Cell phones are promitting in the Academy, but please be respectful of others around you and to the instructor to not disrupt. If you need to take a phone call, please step out of the kitchen. Photos are allowed, but video is NOT promitted.




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