Matfer Bourgeat USA

By Chef Lauren V. Haas

Chef Lauren creates 3 exclusives creations: Chocolate Financier, Chocolate Cherry Linzer Tart, and Matcha Lemon Cake in collaboration with Matfer Bourgeat USA.

Explore a few of Chef Lauren’s favorite Matfer Bourgeat tools and Cacao Barry chocolates by watching the video on their website and downloading the recipes below!

The complexity of her work comes from its subtlety, packing an immense amount of flavors and textures in a tightly composed package.

Visit the Matfer website for the list of equipment used to develop  these beautiful creations.


Chocolate Financier

The perfect breakfast or snack, this chocolate financier is accented with a crunchy chocolate crumble and crisp cocoa nib tuile

Chef Lauren uses the Exoglass Tart Rings from Matfer which are designed for easy release, even baking, and feature a seamless, stable construction.


Chocolate Cherry Linzer Tart

This modern twist on a linzer tart has a variety of textures and flavors combining Alunga hazelnut crunch, a cherry creme parisienne, a cherry compote and a linzer cake.

''I chose these Exoglass molds because they released beautifully and provide a perfectly even bake''.


Linzer tart
Linzer Cherries Chocolate Tart

Matcha Lemon Cake

Meyer lemon, yuzu, and yogurt are the perfect match with matcha in this refreshing dessert.

Chef Lauren V. Haas likes the  Exoglass Oval Tartlet Mold which is a perfect solution for a two-person treat. Lots of surface area for long lines, beautiful glazes, and cross-hatches.


Matcha Lemon Cake