Mona Lisa
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Hollow truffles made from creamy, caramelized chocolate, ready for filling. White chocolate hollow truffles (Shells) are great for creating your truffles and brigadeiros. The hollow truffles - made with Mona Lisa's creamy white chocolate - have a soft sheen. They have an opening so you can easily fill them with ganache, praline or cream fillings. After filling and leaving to rest, our chefs recommend dipping them in tempered chocolate and immediately finishing in any way you like. You can coat them in Blossoms, Crispearls™, Flakes or Vermicellis: anything goes! Hollow Truffles allow you to play with flavors, textures and colors, and let your imagination run wild. Translated with (free version)




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  • Halal
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  • Made with natural vanilla
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