Indulgently intense dark chocolate that remains snappy, even after baking.
  • 39.1%
    Cacao Percentage
  • 25.9%
    Fat content
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The chunky dark chocolate for baking.
Give your cakes, chocolate chip cookies, buns and rolls a royal chocolate touch with these chunks of 100% delicious Callebaut dark chocolate. This dark chocolate chunks contain less cocoa butter to make them resist oven temperatures up to 200°C. Furthermore, chunks are perfect for bakery items that require medium to longer baking times.
With their medium size, they don't melt away during baking - perfect for your customers to enjoy the lovely bite and great chocolate taste inside your bakery delights.
Good to know: only mix the chunks in the dough at the very end of the kneading process. It will keep the dough from colouring and the chunks from melting during kneading.



  • 39.1%
    Cacao Percentage
    0% Cocoa butter
    14% Fat free cocoa
  • 25.9%
    Fat content
    0% Cocoa butter
    0% Milk fat


Chocolate Type
Product Category

Taste profile

  1. Cocoa
  2. Roasted flavor
  3. Bitterness


  • Cocoa 0
  • Roasted flavor 0
  • Bitterness 0
  • Sweetness 0
  • Vanilla flavor 0
  • Sourness 0
  • Fruity 0


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  • NK


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    Shelf life:
    24 months
    10kg box
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