Dark chocolate cream with very intense chocolate taste and black colour for gelato. Remains soft and shiny, even when deep frozen. Adds contrast in taste, texture and looks to gelato.
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  • 3 kg Bucket

ChocoCrema Nero: the sauce-like, soft black cream to turn gelato into a showstopper
This rich, black sauce-like cream has an overwhelming indulgent and intense chocolate taste and is ideal to drizzle or mix into your ice cream to create 'variegato'.
ChocoCrema Nero is made with very intense chocolate and has rich notes of roasted cocoa. With its intense black colour, it is perfect to enrich your gelato products with some dramatic lustre.
When frozen or mixed with your gelato, ChocoCrema Nocciola remains perfectly soft and beautifully shiny. 



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  • Halal
  • KD-
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
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  • Not Gluten
  • Cocoa Horizons Program
  • Sustainable cocoa

Cocoa Horizons

Cocoa Horizons.
With this chocolate, you support cocoa farmers. Chocolate needs the finest cocoa beans. Today and tomorrow. For every pack of chocolate you buy, we reinvest a part in sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.


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    18 months
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