Chocolate Ambassadors Gather in Belgium

Chocolate Ambassadors Gather in Belgium

A group photo of Chocolate Academy Chefs and Ambassadors at the gathering in Belgium

Our Benelux Chocolate Ambassadors kicked off 2023 with an Ambassador’s event organized by the Chocolate Academy™ Center in Belgium. The event was hosted by Cacao Barry™ Ambassador Stephan Destrooper in his hometown of Koksijde, located near the coast, about 55 km from Bruges. Chefs were treated to a fantastic presentation by Chef Stephan, which included a tour of his production sites. 

Callebaut Ambassador Bart Van Cauwenberghe

Ambassadors visited local artist William Sweetlove, competed in a friendly quiz competition, participated in workshops and tastings, and more. The 2-day event was a whirlwind of learning, inspiring, and creating with artisans across multiple segments.

Tremendous thanks goes to the Benelux Chocolate Academy™ Center for all their work in organizing the event and to Chef Stephan for hosting!

Participating Chefs and Ambassadors included:

Jurgen Koens

Carlo Midiri 

Stephan Destrooper

Jean-Yves Wilmot 

Peter Hernou

Bart Van Cauwenberghe

Nils Hendrikse

Alexandre Bourdeaux

Hidde de Brabander

Pol Deschepper

David Maenhout

Patrick Mertens

Francisco Moreira

Dimitri Salmon

Christa Muyldermans

Dries Delanghe

Ton Jongejan

Minette Smith

Nazira Taselaar

Volckaert Ingrid

Antonia Arera



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About the Chocolate Ambassadors Club

The Chocolate Ambassadors Club is made up of 200 members representing over 30 countries, and it continues to grow. 

Ambassadors are world-renown chefs selected for their expertise, passion, and commitment to their craft. Chefs like Melissa Coppel and Kirsten Tibballs, to name just two, are not only well-known, high-profile chefs; their commitment to helping their peers and educating future chefs sets the tone for all Ambassadors. A Chocolate Ambassador's mission is to inspire chefs through creativity, technical prowess, and commitment to sustainable craftsmanship. They join Chocolate Academy™ Chefs in guiding others via workshops, classes, videos, and recipes. 

The members of the Chocolate Ambassadors Club thrive to bring joy through artisanal chocolate delights all over the world, today and tomorrow.

By pushing the boundaries of the chocolate scene, sharing knowledge and inspiration across the whole value chain of chocolate making, they craft the future of chocolate creation.