Pure Sugar was born out of passion and love towards pastry and confectionery. The main profile of my company is a wide offer of trainings, courses and consultancy from the field of modern patisserie, all adapted to the individual needs of a client. What is never changing is my constant emphasis on high quality products, clean and optimized organization of work, as well as a creative and open – minded approach at every stage of product creation.

It all began over 10 years ago when out of my passion I started working professionally in the pastry industry. I gained my experience in a wide variety of different working places, such as cafés, hotels or training centers. I started my professional career in Haffner Hotel under the watchful eye of Michał Wiśniewski who passed on to me a need for perfecting my skills, hunger for knowledge and expertise.

The next important stage in my career was gaining a position of a Pastry Chef at Hilton Hotel in Gdansk. Over there, I come across fine dining at the highest level and at the same time I was able to continue perfecting and developing my competence, abilities and engagement.

During those times, driven by my passion, I was constantly learning, acquiring knowledge, reading trade literature, attending numerous courses and consistently practicing. As a consequence, I gained a position of a Technical Advisor at Chocolate Academy in Lodz, working for Barry Callebaut worldwide leader in production of chocolate. Over there, I learned how to pass on my knowledge to others and had a unique occasion to learn from the best Pastry Chefs in Poland and numerous other countries. I would like to mention such names as Ramon Morato, who, with his knowledge, skills and kindness, opened my eyes on the issue of what it truly means to be a professional; Mathieu Dienrinck who is the perfect example of ideal work organization, Jordi Bordas, Jarek Nowakowski, Krzysztof Ilnicki, Michał Iwaniuk and Maciej Rosiński.

I sincerely hope that experiences described above, extensive knowledge about ingredients, processes and techniques, as well as my creativity, will allow me to approach your needs and expectations professionally and in a personalized manner.