We are Real Bakers

We Are Real Bakers

The world of chocolate and baking finally meet each other! We've interviewed several Real Bakers from all over Europe about their secrets and success using our beloved products from Callebaut™, Cacao Barry™, Chocovic™, Van Houten™ & Mona Lisa™ decorations. In the "We Are Real Bakers" booklets, bakers can find all the inspiration they need!

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Stay up to date with the latest trends in bread, baking & pastry! If you need a little boost, our inspirational booklets also contain:

  • Bakery recipes from the real bakers
  • New concepts that your customers will love
  • Tips and advice on how to run a succesfull business
  • Latest Bakery Trends & inspiration


1. Get Inspired: we have interviewed Bakers to unravel the secrets of their success: what makes these bakeries unique? Why do customers keep coming back? And what’s their favorite product of Barry Callebaut to work with?

2. Start Innovating:  Go crazy with your flavors and start experimenting! Do you miss some skills or do you want to take them to the next level? Our courses are there for you!

3. The Result? Business Growth! All these resources are at your fingertips, guiding you in your journey to achieving the skills and confidence that will take you to the next level.

We Are Real Bakers