Top Ice Cream Trends for 2024 and Beyond - Nordics

Top Ice Cream Trends for 2024 and Beyond - Nordics

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Top Ice Cream Trends

The Ice Cream market is a very dynamic industry where consumers are willing to explore new flavours, trends and experiences. It's not only a real feast for the taste buds but also for the eyes. Therefore indulgence plays a key role in how consumers behave.

  • Davinci Gelato (Greece)

    Davinci Gelato (Greece)

    A gelato cone with indulging inclusions for a multi-texture experience
  • Elato Artisanal Ice Cream (Australia)

    Elato Artisanal Ice Cream (Australia)

    Ice cream production 100% free from chemicals.
  • Proyo (USA)

    Proyo (USA)

    High protein ice cream with salted caramel crunch flavour
Top Ice Cream Trends 2024

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