Extend your customer base this Easter!

Extend your customer base this Easter!

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Did you know that:

  • 6 out of 10 global customers prefer Swiss chocolate.1
  • 37% of global consumers seek out to purchase vegan or plant-based chocolate confectionery.2
  • 57% of European millennials actively seek out sustainably produced chocolate.2

Discover these and more top Easter trends to get inspired and create the new multi-sensorial experience for your customers!

Let's celebrate Easter together!

1 Source: Innova consumer survey

2 Source: BC proprietary study

Easter Moulds

Three concepts, three seasonal best-sellers

Curious to know this year's Easter trends? Get ready to discover the 3 concepts to share this Easter!

  • Children's Easter Zoo: Unique chocolate moulds to surprise your customers!
  • Ultimate Eggcitement: When you think of Easter, you think of chocolate eggs. But in 2023, in a very hip way by combining tradition and innovation at a high level of quality!
  • Share The Easter Joy: Discover recipes that offer something for everyone to share and enjoy this year's Easter together.
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What's in it for you?

  • Learn how you can improve your profit margins with Swiss chocolate.
  • Upcycling with WholeFruit Chocolate: Re-use your broken eggs to create new desserts. Zero waste!
  • Respond to the current consumer trends by offering vegan and plant-based alternatives on your dessert menu!

Watch the video below and get inspired this Easter!

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