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Simply Magic Santa Claus

Your assortment easily transformed into an original gift

Around Christmas time, everything usually shines and glitters and we go in search of splendour. This year however, the beauty of simplicity is being appreciated even more. Are you ready for this year's holiday season? 

Read the brochure and:

  • discover the TOP trends for this Christmas and winter season
  • explore great recipes using very few ingredients and simple techniques
  • transform your Christmas assortment and boost your creativity

This toolkit will make your life easier!

In-store communication and social media toolkit

  • Graphics to print for 12 posters 
  • Stand-up displays 
  • Name tag design 
  • Allergen list 
  • Small digital marketing guide for your shop
Simply Magic Ruby

Curious about what you'll find in the brochure? Get a sneak peak and watch the video by Philippe Bertrand here:

Simply Magic

Fill out the form and give your Christmas classics a modern twist!

Simplicity is key this holiday season. Our chef Philippe Bertrand (MOF Chocolatier) will make this Christmas and winter season magical with only two ingredients and three well-known and relatively simple techniques! Want to know how?