Nutty Brownie

Chef Marike has created an innovative, elegant, yet approachable plated dessert. The classic combination of a brownie and ice cream has never looked so chic! This updated version includes a silky chocolate mousse, crunchy hazelnuts, and a chocolate ice cream with nuances of caramel. The variety of flavors and textures as well as the unexpected shapes make this a plated dessert that will be at home in any setting, from casual to upscale.
There are several components here, but Chef Marike’s approach will help you stay organized, and you’ll find that everything can be prepared in just a few hours. The components lend themselves well to personal adaptations and to use in other formats. While impressive and sophisticated, at its heart this dessert encapsulates a basic primer to a successful plated dessert: a variety of shapes, textures, temperatures, and flavors arranged in a way that helps guests take a new look at an old favorite.


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