Beverage Trends for Bakeries

Beverage Trends for Bakeries

A fun Ruby Chocolate Beverage Topped with Large White Chocolate Shavings

Customers may visit a bakery or pastry shop for the first time for a variety of reasons: convenient location, a promotion, or a recommendation from a friend. But what keeps them coming back? In a word, you. Your talent and experience and the care you put into each item create a unique and memorable experience that makes guests want to make your shop a part of their daily routine. Your beverage program offers even more opportunities to delight your customers with your personal approach and high-quality ingredients

A server pours cream and a chocolate together to create a decadent beverage

Expand your drinks offering

The reasons you started offering a wider array of cold and hot beverages are the same reasons to consider expanding your menu:

  • Drinks are quick and easy to make
  • They can be incredibly profitable
  • Beverages are another opportunity to showcase the natural and sustainable ingredients customers are looking for

A line-up of fresh drink offerings can:

  • Allow you to flex your creativity
  • Offer innovative choices
  • Help you stand out from the crowd with unique beverage experiences
A decadent chocolate drink topped with real chocolate shavings and toasted nuts

New drinks ideas: what customers want

What are today’s customers looking for?

Natural Ingredients
58% of European consumers say it’s important that the foods they eat contain completely natural ingredients.

Customers want drinks that are not only healthy but that have a positive impact on our planet.

More than 50% of consumers say they want to be more adventurous with their food and beverage choices. They also want to celebrate their own uniqueness - customization is a must.

Real, premium ingredients and rich flavors like chocolate and caramel offer the mood-boosting rewards people look for in a midday pick-me-up or end-of-the-week treat.


A sliced loaf of poundcake with a Ruby chocolate coating, garnished with Ruby curls and cripearls

The Power of Combos

The power of pairs
Drink pairings are where you can let your creativity shine and adapt your menu to seasonal ingredients or the latest flavor trends. Whether your customers are looking to try a new flavor combo, seeking a more balanced option, or going for all-out indulgence, a drink and dessert duo can fulfill their needs. 

All-day delights
No matter the time of day, hot or cold chocolate beverages can offer customers a new level of flavor experience. From breakfast to mid-day snacks, a beverage will enhance your customer’s experience and satisfaction.

A small wedge of chocolate cake paired with a cold chocolate drink

Instagrammable Combos

What can you do to give your drink and dessert pairings that WOW factor that gets noticed?

Here are a few tips:

  • Bright colors.
    Colors that pop look great on social media. Remember to keep it natural, though; artificial colors are out
  • Layers are in
    A topping of frothed milk on a dark chocolate drink or a simple dusting of cocoa powder - use naturally contrasting colors and complementary flavors to enhance your combos' visual appeal and your customer's experience.
  • Lights, Camera Phone, Action!
    Do you have a quick tip or recipe to share? Film it and share it! And don’t worry about perfect lighting or slick editing; studies show customers respond better to more homemade-looking videos.
  • Great Garnishes
    Garnishes offer a low-cost instant visual upgrade as well as texture and indulgence.
  • Keep it Real
    Focus on flavor and authentic, sustainable ingredients to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.
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Refresh Your Drinks Menu, Revitalize Your Sales

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