2024 Flavor Trends: Ginger

2024 Flavor Trends: Ginger

Jasmine-Apricot-Ginger Baba by Chef Ramon Morato

What’s hot for 2024? Predictions for next year’s food trends are starting to make the rounds, and there’s one ingredient that ticks almost every box: ginger.

In general, most experts feel consumers will be gravitating toward:

  • Florals and botanicals
  • Digestive health
  • Regional cuisines
  • Spicy-sweet flavours

With its warm zing, natural origins, culinary history, and reported health properties, ginger might just be the trendiest little root out there!

A ginger root with bergamot flowers, ginger tea and infusion in the background

2024 Trend #1: Florals and botanicals

The popularity of natural ingredients and a growing focus on “functional foods” has put flowers like lavender and rose, herbs such as rosemary and lemon balm, and spices like turmeric in the spotlight.

Consumers’ pursuit of products with health and wellness attributes could drive demand for the earthy flavours and functional properties of spices such as garam masala, cardamom, turmeric, and ginger in 2024

Jaime Lynn Lawrence, R&D application scientist for Flavor Insights
Ginger root and powdered turmeric on a cutting board

2024 Trend #2: Digestive Health

Budget-minded customers seek snacks and treats that do double duty as indulgent breaks and health boosters. According to Mintel, 42% of consumers like it when food contributes to their physical and mental health. Ginger’s reputation as a digestive aid and immunity booster makes it very attractive to today’s consumer, especially when paired with antioxidant-rich dark chocolate!

While we caution against making health claims about your ingredients, evidence suggests ginger’s reputation is well-earned. At the very least, ginger adds a great flavour and warm kick to all sorts of applications and is a welcome addition to confections, pastry components, and baked goods.

A platter of traditional India sweets

2024 Trend #3: Regional Cuisines

As customers seek out new and exciting flavours and look to traditional foods from different global regions, an ingredient with ginger’s history is ready to lend its flavour to classic and modern interpretations of Indian and Asian recipes and inspire new ideas and flavour combinations. 

According to FMCG Gurus’ 2023 report, "Flavor, Color & Texture in North America", 81% of North American consumers expressed a desire to try new flavours from around the world. 

The regional cuisines of Mexico’s Oaxaca, Yucatán, and Mexico City, along with Southeast Asia’s Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia will “provide a robust pipeline for flavour innovation and development,” in 2024.

Chef Rob Corliss, founder of culinary consultancy ATE (All Things Epicurean) in IFT Magazine
A fruity beverage with a dried chili pepper

2024 Trend #4: Spicy-Sweet

The sweet and spicy trend started to make headway last year, and it continues to gain momentum. With its versatility and exciting spiciness, ginger can be a great addition to your current product offer, whether you spice up an existing item, create a seasonal special, or add a new ginger-centric treat. 

In a recent “State of the Menu” report, Datassential reveals that the number of  “Sweet & Spicy” menu items has increased 38% over the past year. The French syrup maker Monin now offers spicy agave, spiced brown sugar, and sweet and spicy cinnamon. They note that 70% of consumers who report liking spicy foods say they’d like to explore the sweet-heat combo

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