Pastry Arts Virtual Summit - Travel cakes

Travel cakes

A term popularized by Gaston Lenôtre, “gâteaux de voyage” or “travel cakes” are elegantly decorated quick breads and pound cakes that have a longer shelf life than other cakes at room temperature. What really separates these cakes from others is their stable yet moist structure - perfect for wrapping, packaging and, you guessed it, traveling. By retaining moisture, it's the perfect companion to take along with you on your journey, and given its size and structure, is great for slicing and sharing with travelers along the way, or with those at your destination. 

Here you will find two inspirational recipes from Chef Lauren V. Haas, Lead Chef of the Chocolate Academy Centers in North America. These recipes also have an accompanying video which help to explain in depth the process to create these delicious cakes. Please do make sure to watch the videos to help make the most of these recipes. Enjoy!

Recipes featured are:

- Base cake recipe

- Pecan  Cacao Barry Alunga Milk chocolate variation

- Hazelnut, Apricot and caramel variation


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