“Live your dreams and work hard to achieve them.”

Alexandre started baking at a very young age and knew that baking cakes and traveling were his passion. His career started in a 1 star Michelin restaurant in Belgium where he learnt classic recipes he still makes today.

Later, Alexandre went out into the world and worked in prestigious 5-star hotels.

On his return to Belgium, at Callebaut headquarters he could develop his passion to share his knowledge and  became head of the Chocolate Academy™ in Belgium and led the opening of the new Chocolate Academy™ Callebaut in 2014, marking an historical moment in the story of the brand.

Alexandre keeps collaborating with Callebaut, but today he has spread his wings and has launched his own company in 2016 Pastry & Chocadvice to give advice, help & solutions in the world of pastry and chocolate. In March 2018, he launched an online software "ganache solution" that helps chefs to monitor their own recipes. He was judge together with Paco Torreblanca of an Italian television show "Best bakery".