Pastry Arts Virtual Summit - Panning

Fundamentals of Chocolate Panning

Panning is the process of coating centers in a rotating panning drum, gradually adding either sugar or chocolate to build up a uniform layer, creating a tasty and protective coating over the center. Panning is as much art as it is craft, and whether you are making small test batches or working on a large scale, the process requires skill and know-how. It can seem daunting at first, but once you understand the variables involved, it quickly becomes a highly productive and lucrative process to incorporate into your production. 

Here you will find recipes from three of our Chocolate Academy chefs which help to lay the foundation of chocolate panning, as well as offer some inspirational techniques to help you on your panning journey. These recipes featuring Cacao Barry & Callebaut chocolates, accompany the videos which help to explain in depth the process to create these products. Please do make sure to watch the videos to help make the most of these recipes. Enjoy!

Recipes featured in this booklet:

- Caramelized Hazelnuts Panned in Callebaut Milk Chocolate

Panned Pistachio and Callebaut Milk Gianduja Treats

- Callebaut Ruby Panned Candied Lemon

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