• The Effects of Cocoa with Mark Seaman

    Oct 17, 2022

In this demonstration, Chef Mark will teach you how to incorporate chocolate and cocoa powder into a range of cakes. You will understand how different chocolates change the color, texture and flavor profile of chocolate cakes including genoise and red velvet butter cake layers. Learn how alkalization of cocoa powder impacts total pH, color, density and texture of rolled fondant & cake. You will see a range of powders from brown to red to black.


Date Oct 17, 2022
Teacher Mark Seaman
Price 40.00 USD
Language English
Location USA, Chicago
Status Available

Mark Seaman


Mark Seaman is a Certified Master Sugar Artist specializing in bakery applications, botanically-correct gum paste flowers, and wedding cakes. He has owned two successful business ventures including an exclusive wedding cake boutique and a separate retail bakery, both in the Chicagoland area.

Mark has been heavily involved in a number of professional baking organizations, including the Retail Bakers Association where he was the Chair of the certification program for master bakers and cake decorators.

Throughout his career Mark has been recognized numerous times for his craftsmanship. In 2013 he was honored by Dessert Professional Magazine as one of Top Ten Cake Designers in North America.

Prior to joining the Chocolate Academy in Chicago in that same year, Mark was an instructor at the French Pastry School. He has served on the Editorial Advisory Board of American Cake Decorating Magazine and is an Adjudicator for Sugar Artist Certification for the International Cake Exploration Societé.


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