Spain, Barcelona

Aula Chocovic, the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center of Chocovic, is based in Gurb, near Barcelona. Founded in 1995, it was the first chocolate school in Spain and the result of Chocovic’s total devotion to chocolate. Aula Chocovic is also a clear reflection of the culinary tradition and innovation currently to be found in Barcelona.

The courses held at the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center of Chocovic offer practical and theoretical solutions for any type of professional: pastry chefs, bakers, crafters, chocolatiers, etc., as well as a unique facility, equipped with the very latest technology.

The instructors are the best technicians in the sector, starting with the school’s own team, led by Ramon Morató, M. M. A. P. E'97, and with Josep Maria Ribé, C. A. N. J. O. P. '04 and Ruben Alvarez, and continuing with our collaborators, all leading professionals in the field.

Come and undertake your professional training at our facilities, learn new recipes and techniques, and enjoy sessions of genuine culinary luxury.