"As a pastry chef, stay fresh every day and don't be numbed  by routines. Protect and nurture your curiosity. This is the spark that will keep you engaged and connected to your work."

Yeşim Erol is the Lead Chef for the Chocolate Academy™ Center in İstanbul. 

She graduated from the Philosophy Department of Istanbul University. In 1999 she went to Chicago where she studied food service management and French pastry. In 2004, following her graduation from the French Pasty School, she started to work as an Assistant Pastry Chef at Chicago Sofitel Hotel. In 2005 she came back to Turkey and began to work as Executive Pastry Chef and as Executive Culinary Coordinator at different foundations. From 2005, she has attended continuing education training programs from well known European chefs participated in organizations in Turkey and abroad to follow the latest sectoral developments. Her articles about pastry have been published in several magazines.