World Chocolate Masters Final: Meet the Jury

World Chocolate Masters Final: Meet the Jury

Chefs at a flavor-focused World Chocolate Masters Boot Camp

Meet the World Chocolate Master Final Jury!

The World Chocolate Masters jury is made up of 18 judges - one from each participating contestant's region - and 4 heads of jury that will oversee the judging process.

Each judge is an expert in the field of confectionery, pastry, or gastronomy and brings unparalleled experience in the industry and their own unique perspective to the panel. 

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WCM Head of Jury Amaury Guichon, Kirsten Tibballs, and Yusuke Matsushita and Sachi Takagi

World Chocolate Masters Final Heads of Jury

The World Chocolate Masters jury of elite chefs is led by the best of the best!

Jury leader Amaury Guichon's craftmanship and skill are recognized by many as being the gold standard for chocolate creation.

Head of Jury for Taste and Queen of Chocolate, Kirsten Tibballs, will look for exquisite flavors combined to perfection. ⁠

Japanese chefs Yusuke Matsushita and Sachi Takagi are the Heads of the Jury for Artistic Skills.

  • WCM Judges Tahar Ait Errami, David Maenhout, and Felicia Ludwig
  • WCM Judges: Jurgen Koens, Young Hoon Kim, and Miquel Guarro
  • WCM Judges Yann Couvreur, Petri Siren, and Alistair Birt
  • WCM Judges Christos Lambrou, Helena Fleglova, and Florent Cheveau
  • WCM Judges Krzysztof Ilnicki, Charles Azar, and Hisashi Onobayashi
  • WCM Jury Members Jason Tsai, Matteo Berti, and Christophe Bonzon

The 2022 World Chocolate Masters Final Jury

MOROCCO Tahar Ait Errami

GREECE Christos Lambrou

BELGIUM David Maenhout

CZECH REPUBLIC Helena Fléglová

SWITZERLAND Felicia Ludwig

USA Florent Cheveau


POLAND Krzysztof Ilnicki

SOUTH KOREA Young Hoon Kim

UAE Charles Azar

SPAIN Miquel Guarro

JAPAN Hisashi Onobayashi

FRANCE Yann Couvreur

CHINA Jason Tsai

FINLAND Petri Siren

ITALY Matteo Berti

UK & IRELAND Alistair Birt

CANADA Christophe Bonzon


World Chocolate Masters Sustainability Jury members Amélie Allemand, Minette Smith, and Clare England

The Sustainability Jury

For the first time ever, there will be a Sustainability Jury during the World Chocolate Masters. They will judge conscious creation, which is about having in mind today’s challenges to create tomorrow’s desserts.

Amélie Allemand is the Sustainability Manager for the Barry-Callebaut Gourmet brands.

Minette Smith is the Global Head Chef at Callebaut.

Joining from the UK will be Chocolate Academy™ Chef Clare England.


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