Just 15 days until the World Chocolate Masters Final!

Just 15 days until the World Chocolate Masters Final!

A chocolate sculpture from the national selection events earlier this year

The World Chocolate Masters is the only competition in the world that focuses exclusively on chocolate.

Eighteen dedicated, creative professionals from all over the world will compete to win the title of World Chocolate Master.

Watch highlights from the 18 national selection events on the World Chocolate Masters Website.

The World Chocolate Masters Finalists

Each finalist has the full support of the Chocolate Academy™ chefs and Chocolate Academy™ Centers. They are able to participate in workshops and bootcamps, as well as coaching sessions with their "godfather" or "godmother."

  1. Japan: Jiro Tanaka
  2. Middle East: Dilip Kumara
  3. Poland: Igor Zaritskyi
  4. Belgium: Togo Matsuda
  5. Canada: Nishant Amin
  6. USA: Christophe Rull
  7. Great China: Tsz Chung Lung
  8. France: Antoine Carréric
  9. Spain: Lluc Crusellas
  10. UK & Ireland: Stephen Trigg
  11. Nordics: Eero Paulamäki
  12. Korea: Kim Dongsuk
  13. North Africa: Issam Tajer
  14. Switzerland: Abraham Balaguer
  15. Italy: Anna Gerasi
  16. Central Europe: Attila Menyhárt
  17. The Netherlands: Carlo Midiri
  18. Greece: Nikolas Niklakopoulous
A competitor's #Share entry from the elimination rounds earlier this year

How will the World Chocolate Masters jury determine a winner?

Each of the 18 champions must complete 7 tasks that test their technical skills and their creativity. Each task takes a different approach to #TMRW - what will it taste like, look like, feel like? Contestants will be given a numerical score for each assignment, and the chef with the highest total score will be named World Chocolate Master.

The competition starts off with 2 assignments on the first day. For the #SHARE assignment, competitors must create a chocolate gift for 6 people or more.

The second assignment, #WOW, asks the chefs to use their design skills to rethink the window display and create something that grabs attention instantly and clearly tells a story.

A competitors #Taste entry from the elimination rounds earlier this year

Day 2 of the World Chocolate Masters Final

Day 2 of the final brings three more assignments:
#TASTE requires contestants to create a fresh pastry from scratch using the Cacao Barry® couverture of their choice and a locally sourced ingredient. 

For the #BONBON assignments, chefs will make a bonbon that must be fresh, contain at least two different textures, and should have a shelf life of two weeks.

Day 2's last challenge is #YOU, where each competitor will have one minute to tell their personal story. What inspires them? And what do they believe #TMRW tastes, looks, and feels like?

At the end of Day 2, 8 chefs will be eliminated, with just ten going on to Day 3 and two final assignments. #TRANSFORM and #DESIGN will require the chefs to use every skill in the repertoire. 

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