Chocolate Academy™ Chefs Featured in Pastry Arts Magazine

Chocolate Academy™ Chefs Featured in Pastry Arts Magazine

Pastry Arts Magazine Winter 2023 Cover

The latest issue of Pastry Arts Magazine shines the spotlight on Chocolate Academy™ Chefs from all over North America. Their Winter 2023 issue brings you a closer look at Chef Nicoll Notter's plans for our new New York Academy, a bonbon tip from Chef Frank Carrieri, recipes, and more. 

You can learn more about Pastry Arts Magazine and download the issue on their website.

Chef Nicoll Notter, Head Chef of Chocolate Academy™ New York

Chocolate Academy™ New York Head Chef, Nicoll Notter

Pastry Arts talked to the head chef of our soon-to-open Chocolate Academy™ Center in New York, Nicoll Notter, about his approach to the many roles he'll be fulfilling as he leads our New York team. Chef Notter's focus will be on promoting chefs in their communities as well as inspiring them to expand their skills, work with new products, and forge connections both locally and globally.

Don't miss his "Pebbles" recipe, a textured bonbon featuring Cacao Barry™ Alunga milk chocolate and Tonka bean in an innovative format.

Upcycled Chocolate Macarons by Chef Nicolas Dutertre

Chef Nico's Upcycled Macarons

We love Chef Nicolas Dutertre's method of using less-than-perfect macaron shells to create a new item, and we are thrilled that Pastry Arts shared it in this issue.

Fewer kitchen foibles are more heartbreaking than a batch of macarons that didn't turn out as expected - what a waste! Chef Nico saves the day and eliminates food waste with his clever recipe for "Upcycled Chocolate Macarons." In it, he uses not only unwanted shells but also features Cacao Barry™'s Evocao WholeFruit Chocolate, the first chocolate to qualify for the Upcycled Certified™ mark from the Upcycled Food Association.

Frank Carrieri, Chocolate Academy™ Chef in the US

A Tip from Chef Frank Carrieri

If you're interested in an easy method for better bonbon capping, Chocolate Academy™ Chef Frank Carrieri has got you covered! His trick ensures a better-looking and better-sealed bonbon. You'll need to download the issue to see it for yourself, though - no spoilers here. 

Goat cheese truffles coated in Cacao Barry Praline Grains

Truffles from Chef Cedric Barbaret

Cacao Barry® Ambassador Cedric Barbaret offers what can only be described as a gift for chocolatiers looking for something new for this year's Valentine's assortment: goat cheese truffles. He created these hearty yet sweet and silky truffles to celebrate products from the land, and incorporating fresh goat cheese from a local farm would make these truffles all the sweeter for your customers. Check out the plain, curry, or beet varieties showcased in the magazine, or create your own combination. 

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