Chocolate Academy™ Center in Dubai Opens its (new) Doors

Chocolate Academy™ Center in Dubai Opens its (new) Doors

The new Chocolate Academy™ Center in Dubai features a state of the art space for learning and innovation

Dubai was the 17th location to act as home to a Chocolate Academy™ Center. The new Center is located at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the iconic skyscraper in the heart of the city.

The Chocolate Academy™ team now includes 26 Chocolate Academy™ Centers worldwide.

Interior shot of the new kitchen at Chocolate Academy™ Center Dubai

It’s amazing that Barry Callebaut gives us the opportunity to create such a beautiful environment. We not only house 3 chefs to do co-creation and innovation sessions, but on top of that, we will be one of the first academies to start with dedicated training for home bakers. People will be able to learn how to make basic applications like a chocolate tart or chocolate mousse.

Romain Renard, Head Chef of CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Center Dubai
A Chocolate Academy™ Chef can be seen working in the kitchen through the window. Text on wall: l'atelier

The Center in Dubai will focus on driving innovation in the Middle East while continuing to inspire and educate artisans, pastry chefs, confectioners, bakers and caterers. 

The dedicated chef team will collaborate with chefs, artisans, and home bakers in the Middle East to help them to develop their own profiles in terms of taste and flavor. Courses at the Center will be limited to 12 people and will be taught by Chocolate Academy™ chefs as well as renowned chefs from all over the world. Supporting chefs and artisans as they strive to learn new skills and improve their business is at the heart of Chocolate Academy™'s mission and will be at the forefront of the Dubai Center's activities.