The Best Chocolate Tiramisu

This chocolate tiramisu is the winning recipe of the World Chocolate Masters 2013. It redefines and elevates the traditional tiramisu in a truly elegant version.


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I literally cannot hear what he is saying, because the music is so loud it drowns him out. Please, in all of your videos, remove the music, or at least turn an extremely low. This music does not enhance our learning experience. It is highly annoying and distracting. I actually had to turn this video off because I cannot understand what he is saying.

I have commented about this music before, and it has always bothered me, but this is the first time I’ve actually had to turn the video off because I can’t hear what he is saying.

Sorry you're having trouble. The music seems fairly low-volume on our end, but this could vary depending on your browser, computer, or speakers, and we'll keep this in mind for future videos. In the meantime, have you tried watching the video with captions? You should see a little "CC" button in the lower right of the video; you can click that and get auto-generated captions in English. This might not be an option in all browsers, but the captions are available for this video in Chrome.