Juliana has learned the art and craftsmanship of working with chocolate by taking courses provided by the Chocolate Academy Zurich – and thus taking her artistic talent to the next level.

Juliana is originally from Brazil and has lived in St Gall, Switzerland for 8 years. She is the founder of and chocolatier at Billy&Bugga Handcrafted Chocolates. Billy&Bugga combines the colourful soul of this artistic artisan with the values of Carma.

In 2020, Juliana was awarded the bronze medal at the International Chocolate Awards (ICA) for the DACH region. Juliana describes herself as extremely passionate about chocolate and she loves everything thatis creative, exotic, tropical and, especially, colourful.

«Carma Swiss chocolate is unmatched in its smoothness and is made with respect for our environment – all Carma chocolatesare 100% sustainable.»