Not Well Crystallized Chocolate Troubleshooting

Mastering Chocolate Crystallization: Expert Tips to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Causes and solutions



I have used microwave method, seeding method and table tempering method to pre crystallize Callebaut 823 and W2. But none of them worked. When I tested the chocolate on parchment paper and spatula, it didn't set. Chocolate is still soft and leave fingerprint when you touch it.

Hi, Rose. If the test did not show tempered chocolate, then there was a misstep somewhere in your method. Tempering chocolate takes practice, and even the experts have batches that prove stubborn, so don't worry if your first attempts weren't successful.

Remember that the 3 keys of tempering (regardless of your method) are time, temperature, and movement.
- That means you need to give the chocolate adequate time to heat and cool; rushing the process simply won't work.
It is very important to hit those key temperatures on the crystallization curve. Use a digital thermometer that you've checked for accuracy. I would not recommend a laser thermometer, as they measure only surface temperature.
- Stirring/moving the chocolate to distribute heat and promote crystal formation is crucial.

Make sure you're paying close and careful attention to each factor. The good news is that if your attempt was unsuccessful, you can try again with the same chocolate - there's no waste! - as long as you are using the table or seeding method.