Future Of Foodservice 2025

Future Of Foodservice 2025

Future of Foodservice 2025

What will it look like by 2025? 


Chocolate Academy™ analyzed the main dynamics of the market to guide you and support the recovery of the foodservice industry. What will you find? 

  • Market Insights and Data to better understand your customers' future expectations and needs
  • Inspirations and recipes to stimulate your creativity, test new things and make your dessert menu even more attractive
  • Tips from our chefs to support you as you navigate through the major shifts happening in the foodservice sector
  • Product solutions, latest innovations and trends to stay on top of the hit on the chocolate and cacao category

Get ready for the future! 

Discover what the Future of Foodservice will be through these 6 Major Topics:

We will release a NEW Volume of the series every quarter, so make sure to check back periodically to get the latest guide!

Future of Food Service Volume 1

Volume 1 - To Go

Takeaway and delivery were already on the rise, but accelerated tremendously during the pandemic and are now preferred by many consumers. Are you taking your fair share of this opportunity? Adapt your menu and offer your unique restaurant experience for takeaway and delivery. To go = your way to grow!

Volume 2

Volume 2 - Back to Basics

Labor issues in the foodservice industry are simply a fact post-COVID. Lower-skilled staff, overtime, and staffing shortages are just a few of the obstacles you face. The main challenge will be to find a new balance between work, life and revenue. Simpler, more efficient dessert menus are the way to success!

Volume 3

Volume 3 - Premiumization

In 2025, "premium" will not be limited to fine dining and luxury. It’s a mindset. Making quality, customised experiences available to everyone will be key. What’s more, consumers want to be able to personalise their choices and manage the final cost of their order.

Volume 6

Volume 4 - Experience

Dining out is no longer just about the food. Memorable and extraordinary dining experiences are the new hot ticket. And, of course, these experiences and dishes need to be extravagant, luxurious, out of the box, exotic and shareable. Get ready to WOW your customers like never before!

Volume 5

Volume 5 - Digitalization

Digital is everywhere! A digitised reservation system, paying with smartphones, e-learning, delivery platforms... Make sure to be visible and promote your business and delivery or reservations options online and attract new, curious customers.

Volume 6

Volume 6 - Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, it's a core value to be embedded in every business decision.

Reflecting your customers’ values of ethics, transparency and doing the right thing (i.e., sustainable packaging) will become even more important. The time to act is now!