Worth the Indulgence

Worth the Indulgence

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Those who regularly purchase artisan chocolate focus on taste, quality, experience, and the handmade aspect when asked to describe it. Generally, though, most consumers think “expensive” first and foremost when asked to describe fine chocolate*. How can artisans overcome this perception and attract new customers? 

You know your products are worth it. The hard work, premium ingredients, and passion that go into each item in your shop more than justify the higher price your P&L statement requires. But some customers will see your higher prices as a barrier. While this presents an obstacle, it also presents an opportunity to educate existing and potential customers.


6 out of 10 global consumers say Chocolate Confectionery which specifies the origin of the cocoa beans that was used to make the chocolate is more premium.

BC proprietary study, Qualtrics, 2022
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Customers seeking chocolates that are both delicious and good for them are willing to pay more for premium ingredients with labels like “organic” and “fair trade.”* Don’t hesitate to advertise your premium ingredients, especially if those items offer added attributes like potential health effects or social or environmental benefits.


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Creating a Connection:

Sharing your story and your passion with customers can open their eyes to the care and thought that goes into each item. And sourcing ingredients from local producers means customers are supporting not only your shop but their entire community. Many see this as money well-spent.


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Building an experience:

While big-box stores may offer lower-priced options, they fail to make customers feel cared for or special. Small touches like a sparkling-clean shop with flattering lighting can enhance a customer’s perception of your products. Beautiful packaging with unique touches adds a level of elegance and even ceremony that shoppers see as added value.




73% of global Centennials & Millennials want to try new and exciting Chocolate Confectionery experiences**.
Your smaller scale means more room for creativity. Offer unique flavors that reflect your interests or those of your community. Exclusive products are worth a premium price to many consumers.





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** BC proprietary study, Qualtrics, 2022

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