• 2-day course: Advanced Gelato course

    1-2 June, 2022 @ 09.00-16.00

During this 2 day gelato journey you will be able to learn all the fundamentals of the making of Gelato. Starting with an overview of the history of the gelato. where it's coming from and where it is going to be in the near future. The understanding of the balancing of the mix for Gelato and Sorbet, the raw ingredients, the function of the different types of sugars among other interesting facts. Nevertheless, you will also be able to understand the function of the Chocolates within the mix and how to make a perfect balanced chocolate gelato formula.

At the end of the course you will be creating your very own chocolate gelato recipe using a formulation program designed by our Head of the Chocolate Academy Juan Pablo Colubri.

Should you have any allergies or food restrictions, please let us know a week prior to the class.

An apron is provided. Please bring your chef coat as well.



Date 1-2 June, 2022
Teacher Juan Pablo Colubri
Price 420.00 CHF
Language English
Location Switzerland, Zurich
Status Available

Juan Pablo Colubri


After numerous influential positions worldwide, like Group Executive Pastry Chef at Rhubarb Food Design Ltd in London and Group Executive Pastry Chef US at Hakkasan Group, Argentinian Juan Pablo Colubri took on the lead as Head of Chocolate Academy™ Center Zurich in March 2020. 


Awarded as Pastry Chef of the Year 2017 and Top Chef 2018 in Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival his outstanding work was also acknowledged by HoustonPress in 2017, winning the prize for Best Desserts and awarded with 2nd place in the Truffle Masters competition in 2018. 

He is looking forward to sharing his passion and extensive knowledge with colleagues and customers. 



Level 2


You are a professional with good knowledge of chocolate. You are familiar with the tempering of chocolate and the basic techniques. This course does not discuss tempering or cooling chocolates.

Designed for participants who have confidence in their skills of wkrking with chocolate, have worked as a craftsperson or completed the Chocolate Academy Beginners course.


CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Switzerland, Zurich

Our "Maîtres Pâtissiers Chocolatiers Confiseurs" push themselves every day to new limits. As Trendsetters they are searching new techniques and develop sweet creations for all occasions. Since more than 20 years, CARMA offers creative and professional trainings for specialists.

The CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center is managed by an experienced and innovative "Maître Pâtissier-Chocolatier-Confiseur", who likes to share her experiences and knowledge with Chefs, Bakers, Confectioners, Chocolatiers and other professionals. Theory, technical demonstrations and hands on workshops are the key of success in our training programs.

Professional Know-How, support and a huge variety of recipes are available for our customers at any time. The wide product range of Carma allows the creation of many varieties of desserts, pastries, confections and chocolates which will inspire both customers and consumers.